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Sing to Thrive

Welcome to the Sing to Thrive Healing Hub!

Harmony in Voice, Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Why We Need to Free the Voice

In 30 years of guiding people to unlock the power of their voices through music, sound and singing, I have witnessed miraculous healings and transformations.

If you are feeling stagnant or stuck or simply called to step fully into your purpose and unlock the power of your own voice — then we invite you to learn the tools we have been cultivating for three decades to SING TO THRIVE!

Discover YOUR Joyful Path to Healing!

Do you struggle to express yourself authentically?

Did you know that your upbringing and past experiences shape your self-esteem, confidence, self expression and your ability to communicate clearly with others. When we’re not authentically expressing ourselves, it negatively impacts our health, wealth and happiness. And anything unexpressed clings and blocks the flow of life from moving through you; which manifests as “Dis-Ease,” fear, unhealed trauma or limiting beliefs, effecting your ability to:

  • Ask for what you want
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Trust & believe in your Self
  • Communicate confidently
  • Show up authentically in relationships
  • Access intuition & self awareness
  • Make healthy life choices
  • Consciously manifest your dreams
  • Sing your heart out
  • Be joyful and spontaneous

Are you Ready to Free your Voice and Thrive Fully?

The Sing to Thrive Method helps you to unlock your voice, reduce stress, build optimism, sharpen focus, and tap into Source Energy to manifest your best life — and become a great singer in the process!

About Julia 

For the past 30+ years, Julia Williamson has been honing her craft and building her big, beautiful body of work – while working with thousands of people to transform their lives through the power of music, sound and song. The Sing to Thrive Method is where Julia and her daughter Maddy share everything they have learned and created over the years, in one convenient and inspiring location. 

Here’s everything that’s included with your tuition: 

  • The Music for a Positive Mindset Library
  • Colour and Sound Healing Activations
  • Personal Transformation Journeys
  • Open Eye Singing Meditations
  • LIVE Weekly Singing and Ukulele classes
  • LIVE Weekly Mantra Singing Meditations
  • LIVE Bi-Monthly Group Mentoring Sessions
  • LIVE Healing & Skill-Building Workshops
  • Podcasts with transformational teachers
  • Loving Community of Music-Makers

This is a living library, where new transformation-inducing resources, songs and experiences
will be added every month to support and inspire you on your joyful healing path!

Enjoy Founding Member pricing until midnight, July 24th! Regular price will be $97/month and $795/year AUS.

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We look forward to welcoming you in the Sing to Thrive Healing Hub!

Julia & Maddy